Did you know that the M was originally constructed in 1908?  Every step of the way offers wonderful views of Missoula.  At the top of the M hikers (virtual and physical) can enjoy the bird’s eye view of the Missoula valley and surrounding mountains at the end of the tour.  For those who hike the M with their feet and not their fingers,the trailhead to the “M” is located on the University of Missoula campus. The hike is three quarters of a mile hike from the trail head to the M.  Be sure and bring water and take your time to enjoy the beauty of Missoula, Montana.


Missoula’s friendly hospitality can be experienced on the trail to the “M”.  The day this tour was photographed we met students from the University of Montana, retirees who have decided to make Missoula their home, wildlife managers and out of state visitors. Everyone was friendly and welcoming.